Coloured Light up Letters

Locke & Busby are so excited to be the first light up letters company offering you a wide range of coloured light up letters. We have worked hard to listen to what our customers want and you can now have any light up letters in multicoloured or one plain colour! These coloured light up letters make a great change to the party and can light up the dance floor in an instant! (N.B. There is an additional charge of £5 per letter for coloured bulbs).

Introducing Coloured Light up Letters!

coloured light up letters. Multicoloured light up letters by Locke & Busby spelling party in lights.

They are exactly the same as our warm white light up letters: they are powered by a 13amp plug socket (a standard household plug!) The lights themselves are low voltage (24volt) LED bulbs and each letter is wired individually using 2metre power cables and all connect onto a 5metre extension cable for an easy 1-plug system.

Our 4ft high coloured light up letters are bespoke and hand-made exclusively by Locke & Busby. Made using low voltage LED bulbs that are cool to the touch and therefore do not run the risk of overheating. What’s more, Locke & Busby have added on discreet plinths to minimise the risk of any toppling or falling over. They stand up by themselves and make a huge impact for your guests!

These are great for adding something extra to the party at your wedding, or perhaps your company branding has a certain palette. Locke & Busby are here to help with these amazing coloured light up letters.

coloured light up letters spelling NYE for new years eve. 4ft light up letters in multicolour by Locke & Busby

Choose between red, pink, purple, green, turquoise blue, yellow or orange! How great is that? You can mix and match or just stick to one colour. The possibilities really are endless with these awesome and new to the market coloured letters.  (N.B. There is an additional charge of £5 per letter for coloured bulbs).

So take a look over at our Prices page to see how much it is to get the party started!