Cinema Signs

We have a range of bespoke cinema signs that are great for a personalised touch at any event. Whether its a kids birthday party or a corporate event, our cinema signs are fantastic for adding a touch of glamour and style to the venue. All our cinema signs are hand designed and made by the Locke & Busby team so you will not find another like them. From two lines to 4 lines, there is no personalisation too big or too small. Light up the dance floor, welcome your guests to the wedding or simply show them around your event.

Here are our bespoke range of cinema signs:

2 line Cinema Sign – £150

120cm x 37cm. This is a great way to welcome guests on a table. 18 characters per row. Simply ‘plug & play’ system.


Red Arrow Sign Cinema – £120

Point your guests in the right direction with this simple and show stopping red cinema arrow. Can be used to either point left or right with the space for 12 characters. Show them to the bar…or the loos!


3 Line Cinema Sign  £150

Our popular 3 line cinema sign is a total statement piece for any event. with upto 15 characters on each line, its great for lighting up a dance floor or putting infront of the top table!



Showstopper Cinema Sign  £230

After lots of client feedback, we designed and beauty this beauty of a cinema sign. With a multitude of options from flashing, chasing or just constantly on, this 3 line cinema sign is the immediate WOW factor to any occasion. Measuring at 1.52m long, this holds 18 characters per line and is easily moved on its own set of wheels.


Love heart Cinema Sign  £220

Amazing for weddings! Put this love heart cinema sign at the top of the aisle, behind you at the top table or lighting up your dance floor. This cinema sign gives you the option of 11, 11, 10 and 7 characters on each row. It measure 1.2m x 1.2m and is a total stunner to any party


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