All our light up letters and props are powered by a 13 amp plug socket (a standard household plug!) The lights themselves are low voltage (24 volt) LED bulbs, 4ft tall (124 cm) and each letter is wired individually using 2 metre power cables and all connect onto a 5 metre extension cable for an easy 1-plug system.

Longer lengths can be available.


Here are just a few examples of what you can do with our light up letters:

 Initials – £180

Make your big day personal to you and have your initials light up your venue.  Great for a minimum space of 8ft in length.

Love Letters – £240

Our most popular hired word! Looks stunning wherever you decide to place them and can light up any dance floor. Min. space required: 12ft Height of letters 4ft (124cm).

Mr(S) & Mr(S) – £300

A great visual statement for a stage or venue entrance. You can also use the love-heart as your ”&’! We also do not descriminate; you can have Mr&Mr or Mrs&Mrs for the same price! Min. space required: 18ft

More examples:

The possibilities are endless with our light up letters. More Prices can be found here.

We love seeing seeing what you spell out in lights, so please do send us more photo examples!